Essential Accessories For Women


Statement pieces are an excellent way to take any outfit and make it look put together and fancier than it really is. Statement pieces can be pretty, sparkly dangle earrings, a cuff or large colorful bracelet, a ring with a large stone, or a chest piece necklace or one with a large pennant. The statement piece you choose becomes a focal point of your entire outfit and can match the rest of what you are wearing or drastically contrast. If you wear one statement piece, you will want to wear little to no other jewelry. Also, choosing a statement piece depends on the lines of the outfit you are wearing and what you feel like looks best.


Every woman needs a stylish day bag that they can use and take with them whether they are headed to a lunch interview, going to a coffee shop to create, or just need to take a lot with them when they are on the go. Day bags come in all shapes and sizes and can fit anyone’s style. Enjoy being to able to comfortably take what you need with you when you use a stylish tote bag or use an oversized hobo bag.


In addition to having a day bag that can hold all those things you need to take on the go with you, you also need a wristlet. A wristlet is for holding only the bare essentials: your credit cards, I.D., lipstick, and other small must-haves that you need when you’re out on the town. Whether you are out with your girlfriends celebrating a birthday or on a date with your special someone, you don’t need to take your larger purse stuffed with every item you might possibly need. Also, having to lug a big bag around town or having to find a place for it at the bar or restaurant can be obnoxious. Taking a classic black wristlet or a contrasting color can also add a lot to your outfit.


A scarf can be an awesome accessory when you want to add another layer to your outfit or dress up a simple ensemble and can keep you warm during those chilly months of the year. Layering can be the key to making an outfit look put together and a scarf can definitely do just that and add a finishing touch that expresses your personal style. Add a blanket scarf to your favorite oversized sweater and leggings combo or wear a light sheer scarf with a classic all- black outfit.


A headband can not only be practical, but it can add a little sparkle or colorful element to your outfit. In most cases, your headband will contrast your outfit and can act like a statement piece for your hair. Want to channel your inner bohemian? Wear a flower crown headband. Headbands come in all shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s personality.

These accessories are absolute musts for every woman’s wardrobe and can make putting together a stylish outfit easy. These pieces for most become go-tos that they wear again and again. When choosing your closet essentials, think about what you normally wear and how your accessories can say something about your style. Everyone’s staple pieces will look different, but each serves the same purpose. If you’d love to buy the staple pieces for your closet that are stylish and timeless, sh

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